The main RESULTS are of the project are:

GO GREEN Apprenticeship framework

A framework for apprenticeship implementation oriented to the acquisition of green skills and competences based on gamification and mentoring elements. Moreover, the work-based learning approach that is foreseen by Go Green will develop crucial awareness and connections with real life and will allow learners to create a sense of reality, be tested by challenges and setbacks, take leaps and reap rewards, all in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment that is completely risk free. The scheme is created on the basis of the national contexts of the partners’ countries, however, it is general enough to be applied in different contexts and countries in Europe

A Trainer’s guide

The guide help build capacity of trainers to transfer the green skills to apprentices, raise awareness about successful apprenticeship stories derived from the experimentation phase in partner countries and demonstrate the wide applicability of the apprenticeship framework to every sector and country.

An Orientation guide

Guide containing analysis of the most important green skills to be acquired according to Greencomp. The guide provides definitions, ideas and tips to enhance them, exercises and creative ideas to sharpen them in everyday life. Sustainability and critical thinking, problem framing and sustainable future, and how one leads to the other.

A Trainee’s guide

Guide specifically designed for trainees on how to develop their green skills (GreenComp) during their apprenticeships, based on gamification techniques. The Trainee’s guide includes proposed activities, which the students are asked to choose and follow during their apprenticeships.

A web platform

Online platform for the acquisition of green skills and competences, hosting the self-assessment tool for green skills where the user will be able to assess his/ her level from predefined levels. The platform contains an Orientation guide for the improvement of green skills that the apprentice might lack. Link to the platform:

Self-assessment tool for green skills

Aself-assessment tool, which is used to measure the green skills of VET students. The tool is based on the GreenComp framework. It contains statements for each green skill of the Green Comp, which the students fill whether they mostly agree or not.