COORDINATOR: Techniek College Rotterdam

Techniek College Rotterdam is a collaborative school of Albeda and Zadkine. As of 1 August 2016, it provides technical and technological MBO education. Together with the business community, TCR tailor their training courses even better to the wishes of and developments in the labour market. This way you have a better chance of a successful career in the technical sector.

Techniek College Rotterdam is future-oriented and invests in time and resources. Above all in motivation, energy and being a beating heart for technical education. In addition, it stands for high-quality and appealing education. With modern educational facilities and locations where the worlds of technology are prominent. Of course they continue to learn and grow, at the school there is a permanent development going on with society as a source.

One of the Research and Development places is the Practoraat Cloud. Developments in digital data centres and the need for professionalised ICT professionals with knowledge and skills of cloud engineering have led to education, government and various companies from the cloud and data center sector in the region entering into a partnership, under the heading ‘Cloud Engineering’. In the RIF (Regional Investment Funding) application awarded in 2017, the Practoraat is one of the

spearheads. It acts as a platform for practical innovation and knowledge exchange with space for companies and educational institutions to profile themselves and plays an important role in educational innovation.

Digital technology is indispensable for the Dutch economy. Despite the digitisation and the large number of IT innovations, there is an increasing shortage of staff in the IT sector. The Practorate has as one of the most important tasks the execution of practice-oriented research into current and everyday issues in the field of cloud engineering in the workplace. By conducting practical research, the Practoraat makes connections between education and professional practice, with which

improvement of education is sought. Through assignments from the business community, students are involved in the research. New insights and solutions are made available and embedded in the programmes, where relevant, so that the students and graduates always have the latest knowledge and the programmes are therefore better suited to practice.


Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri is a subsidized High School for Science and Technology and Vocational Education and Training (both EQF levels 4 and 5) in the Basque Region. Each year the school provides education for over 400 full time students and 1000+ adult part time learners with a staff of 45 people. 

The school focuses on serving local industry and it is committed to the integral and lifelong learning of its students. Politeknika Txorierri promotes Innovation in Technological and Pedagogical Projects and aims to offer a quality service to the Public, meeting the local training needs of young people, the local universities and institutions. The school also promotes the challenge based and project based learning methodologies at all levels of education.

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC)

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC) main aim is to initiate and actively participate in the process of transforming the city of Sofia from a traditional administrative capital into an intelligent city that builds and maintains a sustainable high quality of life and good governance by supporting the development of business based on innovation and knowledge. CSKC mission is to bring together the business of the intensive sectors of knowledge with those of the municipality, the scientific, development, educational and financial organizations for realization of the concept through the implementation of the Strategy for Smart Specialization of Sofia. Through its activities Cluster Sofia city of knowledge aims to create prerequisites for turning the city into a national and regional center for education, modern research, innovation and entrepreneurship, based on new intelligent technologies by mobilizing own and attracted resources. Being an open association of unlimited number of interested representatives of business, science and education CSKC envisages to organize its own capacity to efficiently use the human and material resources of the city in creating an innovative ecosystem based on the experience of leading cities of Knowledge in the world.


IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece, established since 1989. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of digital solutions for both private and public sector. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the bigger Greek companies from a wide variety of sectors. IDEC co-operates with more than 800 institutes all over Europe and with about 300 experts on specific fields. IDEC has extensive experience in European projects, either as coordinator or as partner within different European programs and Initiatives. Over the last 18 years IDEC has worked extensively on the area of quality assurance in training and has coordinated the projects EQUAL,, BEQUAL and QUADRAT on this topic. IDEC also has consulting experience in developing Quality Management systems in Greek training centres. IDEC is accredited as a lifelong learning centre, organising in-service training courses for teachers and trainers, study visits and informal learning activities for students in initial education and training, and provides training courses and work placements for students in vocational training and people in the labour market. IDEC ́s main areas of expertise are: management consulting, business planning, entrepreneurship, SMEs, quality management, certification, design of training contents based on ECVET, software and multimedia development, internet applications, distance learning, e-business and e-commerce. In the field of Lifelong learning, IDEC has experience in European policies regarding LLL and in particular EQF, ECVET, Europass, EQAVET, validation of non-formal and informal learning and in national reforms of education and training systems. It has successfully undertaken the contract with CEDEFOP “Europass, ECVET and EQF for documentation, validation and certification of learning outcomes”. The last 20 years IDEC is working on the digital transformation of businesses and educational organisations.


IEK DELTA (Vocational Training Institute) has been established in 1971 and soon became the leader in Vocational Training in Greece, certified by the Greek Ministry of Education and the E.U. With 52 years of experience in private education, offering Post-Secondary Training Programs of EQF Level 5. Its goal is to ensure the quality of the provided knowledge and high levels of professional rehabilitation and employment. The name IEK DELTA is directly associated with Vocational Training.

IEK DELTA operates in a 4500m 2 building of high-quality facilities, located in the heart of Athens. New technology equipment, specialized labs, project rooms and thematic classrooms cover most of the functional space in the buildings. Since June 2018, IEK DELTA has established 2 new campuses in Peristeri (West Attica) and Agia Paraskevi (North Attica), following the same design and quality pattern.

IEK DELTA has developed a unique learning environment, with 53 Specialties divided in 5 Schools:

•   School of Engineering & Information Technology

•   School of Tourism & Culinary Arts

•   School of Beauty & Health

•   School of Arts & Education

•   School of Business & Communication

IEK DELTA remains faithful to its values: Transparency, Ethics, Responsibility and Reliability. Its priority is to strengthen an honest relationship with the students and foresee all upcoming trends, in order to create a fruitful student experience! The main objective is to prepare students for a smooth and successful integration into the labor market. The dedicated Career Office staff is at the disposal of students from day one until the end of their studies, advising, mentoring and supporting their goals and dreams, with a key focus on their career development.

IEK DELTA employs more than 45 administrative and 120 teaching staff and provides education and training for 2000 students. In EU funded projects IEK DELTA is active since 2016 with a strong track record in various subjects related to its activities. In more details IEK DELTA has concluded successfully and/or is currently participating in projects “ECWORK” for implementation of ECVET for work-based learning, “ON TRACK” for Tracking Learning and Career Paths of VET graduates, to improve quality of VET provision, “DESSA” for Development of Soft Skills through Apprenticeships, “We R Open” an educational approach for digital upskilling of Teaching, Managerial and Administrative staff of VET Schools, “CARCRAFT” a Minecraft simulation game for Car mechanics, “DiGiGo” for Apprenticeships in the digital era, “Blue DiVET” for Blue economy digitalization skills for VET students, and “SECOVE” – Sustainable Energy Centres of Vocational Excellence [CoVE].


C.I.O.F.S. FORMAZIONE PROFESSIONALE is a non-profit association. It pays great attention to the Labour World and the Vocational Training. CIOFS-FP operates in 11 Italian Regions through its Local Boards with about 60 Operative Centres, engaging more than 900 trainers, and 11 employed (paid staff) in the Headquarter. The Association covers a high number of activities such as: vocational training, orienting, services to local enterprises and particular needs. It provides training, workshops, transnational exchanges, research and work-oriented services. Adolescents, youths, women, unemployed people, migrants, dropouts, are the beneficiaries of such activities. The main beneficiaries are youth, dropout, women, unemployed, NEETs, migrants, and other minorities. It trains about 16.000 trainees (both boys and girls) each year, including Youth having a migrant background and at risk of early school leaving. The National Office is located in Rome. It provides: research activities; training of trainers for its Regional Associations; supply of administrative, technical and project design aids for its Regional Associations; development and management of national and European projects; networking activities with national and European organizations; on demand vocational services from both public and private financing boards CIOFS-FP provides a comprehensive range of services to create pathways to training, education and/or employment makes researches, workshops, development and implementation of projects and services develops and manages national and European projects. CIOFS-FP relies on a constantly growing network of about 100 public and private partners, active in 31 countries. CIOFS-FP is member of MetropolisNet – European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) of which is founder partner. The group is present in 10 European cities to develop partnerships in European cities involving both private and public stakeholders, decision makers and public authorities; Euroguidance – network to promote best practices in lifelong-learning guidance and European mobility; Peer Review Network – involving educational and VET entities which make use of the Peer Review methods; FECBOP – European Federation of Centers of Career Guidance and Balance of competences; ReferNet – network established by CEDEFOP, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.