The aim of the project is to support students in upper secondary and higher VET schools to develop green skills and competences during their apprenticeships in a company, following the global need for gradual change in our mindsets and everyday behaviour towards green practices.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  •  to promote collaboration among stakeholders in green skills related issues
  •  to support the developments of generic green skills for students and educators
  •  to provide training opportunities about green principles and practices
  •  increased level of digital skills and use of new tools and technologies for VET
  •  to raise awareness about the urgency to provide green skills needed for personal and professional development
  •  to facilitate the implementation of Work-Bzased-Learning concentrated on green skills
  •  to promote green growth, green approaches and green culture
  •  to support EU policies and recommendations, such as the Green Deal, the Sustainable development goals and the new skills agenda
  •  to develop digital skills of the teachers
  •  contribution to EU goals and priorities (eg. green deal, new skills agenda etc)


  • acquisition of key sustainability competences and contemporary employability skills
  •  increased social and environmental responsibility
  •  capacity building of teachers and trainers
  •  positive impact on target group’s performance
  •  development of green and sustainable way of thinking and culture
  •  better collaboration between stakeholders in apprenticeships
  •  raised awareness on the importance of green skills